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Taurus was born from one dream – to stop being a fan and start making music. Even with the fever that Rock in Rio Festival (1985) seemed to set up, being part of a heavy metal band in Brazil was like “going to the war”. A war of Quixote against the windmills. It was not only making music: assuming the dream as an ideal and going to the fight was a very difficult task.

Everything started in 1985 with Otávio Augusto (vocal), Cláudio Bezz (guitar), Jean (bass), and Sérgio Bezz (drums). The band was launched in a rock radio station called Fluminense FM. After successful concerts in Rio, where the band gathered quite a strong following, Taurus has turned into one of the most respectable names at the underground scene and recorded its debut album called “Signo de Taurus”, by Point Rock label (July/1986).

After Otávio´s exit, Jeziel (vocal/guitar) took his place, doing several gigs with the band throughout Brazil. Two years later (1988), the second album, “Trapped in Lies”, marked a new step with lyrics in english. 1989 was the release year of the third album called “Pornography”.

In 2007, after relaunching the complete discography by Marquee Records, the band announces a “stage return”. The first show is an opening night with the American thrash metal band Testament, at Canecão, Rio de Janeiro. Since then, the match is given for the tour of national and international levels.

In 2010 the band released their new album FISSURA with new material. First album of the new phase of his career and fourth, URGE will fill a gap of 21 years in the history of Taurus. “Thrash Metal … totally vintage, tube and hot…” says the band members.

In 2014 Taurus released the CD/DVD SUPER PESO BRASIL, which featured five great bands of the 80’s who presented in São Paulo. 2016 is the year of the CD / DVD Taurus 30 Years released by the label Urubuz Records, where the band celebrates three decades of activity and share with fans all the energy in a memorable show.

In 2016, The CD/DVD “Taurus 30 years” was launched, by Urubuz Records, when the band celebrates three decades and shares with the fans all energy in a memorable show.

In the first half of 2018, will play in the full shows of the first album SIGNO DE TAURUS, relaunched on vinyl and new cd edition.

The current line-up is:
Otávio Augusto (vocal), Cláudio Bezz (guitar), Felipe Melo (bass) and Sérgio Bezz (drums/vocals).

E-mail: taurusofficial@gmail.com
Links: https://www.facebook.com/TaurusThrashMetal
Shows: (21) 99270-2979



TAURUS - Official Website - All Rights Reserved 2016