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Taurus was born from a young dream: to face the challenge of being a fan and making music.

The road began to be followed in 1985 by Otávio Augusto (vocals), Cláudio Bezz (guitars), Jean (bass), and Sérgio Bezz (drums). The band was released on the program “Guitars” of Fluminense FM Radio “A damn” (RJ).

After successful performances in Rio, and gathering a significant number of loyal admirers, the band gained space in the national underground scene, reaching the release of SIGNO DE TAURUS (1986). In 1988 was released the second album, TRAPPED IN LIES and in 1989 was the release of the third album Taurus PORNOGRAPHY.

In 2007, after relaunching their albums in remastered CD versions, the band announced their return to the stage. A restart with the right foot opening the concert of the band of Thrash Metal Testament, in Canecão, Rio de Janeiro. From then on, the departure for the national tour is given.

In 2010 the band releases their new album with unpublished material. First album of the new phase and fourth of the career, FISSURA comes to fill a gap of 21 years in the history of Taurus. “… Totally vintage, valved and hot Thrash Metal…” say the band members.

Taurus licensed Fissura for the Portuguese label “Metal Soldiers Records” for distribution throughout Europe. The Mexican label “American Line Records” will take care of distribution in North America. Both releases come with unpublished bonus tracks. December 2019 is the date of the relaunch by the Dies Irae label, with unpublished single bonus.

In 2014 Taurus participates in the SUPER PESO BRASIL project, which featured 5 major bands from the 80’s who performed in São Paulo. This show turned into a compilation CD / DVD.

In 2016, 30 years of Taurus activities were completed, and to commemorate this milestone, the band’s first DVD / CD was released. “LIVE 30 YEARS”, in digipack format. It portrays the history of the various phases, recorded in full show in São Paulo, as well as bonuses of unpublished recordings. Released by Urubuz Records, which also reissued on vinyl the first album Signo de Taurus, from 1986. Taurus also participated in the celebrated documentary Brasil Heavy Metal, alongside the pioneers of the style in Brazil in the 80’s.

In the 2017 to 2019 continued with the 30th anniversary celebration shows throughout Brazil, also launching the “Massacre” beer from the Dead Dog craft brewery of Niterói. In January 2020 is the moment of release of the new album of unreleased by the label Dies Irae, entitled “V”, and will open a new season of release shows in Brazil and South America.

The current Line-up features: Otávio Augusto (Voice), Felipe Melo (Bass), Cláudio Bezz (Guitars) and Sérgio Bezz (Drums).

E-mail: taurusofficial@gmail.com
Links: https://www.facebook.com/TaurusThrashMetal



TAURUS - Official Website - All Rights Reserved 2016-2021